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MACRO & TKO producing ‘The Banks’

Get ready to head back into the high stakes world of THE BANKS, this time on the big screen!

TKO Studios has partnered with MACRO (whose films have garnered nine Oscar nominations and one Oscar win for Viola Davis in FENCES) to produce a film adaptation of our graphic novel THE BANKS written by New York Times bestseller Roxane Gay (Hunger, Bad Feminist), drawn by Ming Doyle (The Kitchen), colored by Jordie Bellaire (Redlands), and lettered by Ariana Maher (Eve of Extinction).

“I am thrilled to revisit the world of The Banks. Clara, Cora, and Celia Banks are fierce women with compelling stories that will really come alive on the silver screen,” says Roxane Gay (below, left). “I am also excited about partnering with TKO Studios, an amazing publisher to create comics with, and MACRO, a company that is a standard bearer for excellence with the films they make.”

Ming Doyle (below, right), responding to the news, says, “I spent a lot of time with the women of The Banks family, so I’m really pleased to hear that they’ll be breaking into another medium. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this heist play out!”

Launched in 2015 by Charles D. King, MACRO is a multi-platform media company representing the voice and perspectives of people of color. MACRO co-financed the critically-acclaimed MUDBOUND, FENCES, ROMAN J. ISRAEL, ESQ. SORRY TO BOTHER YOU and JUST MERCY.  It also produced Netflix’s TIGERTAIL and co-financed and produced the upcoming JUDAS AND THE BLACK MESSIAH film for Warner Bros. Pictures.

Gay is set to write the script and will also serve as Executive Producer. MACRO’s Charles D. King, Poppy Hanks, and Jelani Johnson and TKO Studios’ Salvatore Simeone, Tze Chun, and Jatin Thakker will also serve as producers on the project.

Be sure to brush up on the source material before the film hits the screen.

Get your copy of THE BANKS here


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