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TKO Shorts Round 3

TKO Shorts Round 3

TKO delivers a potent combo of one-punch knockouts for June with the release of a new round of TKO Shorts, self-contained, limited edition, single issue, original titles from acclaimed creators that each debut on June 1st. The new titles include RIVER OF SINROOFSTOMPERS and THE WALK; print copies will be available direct to readers via tkopresents.com and from participating comics retailers.

RIVER OF SIN – by Kelly Williams and Chas! Pangburn

Children are being found dead and mutilated in the woods. Alonso fears this might be the fate of his daughter. In a desperate hunt for answers, he and the other grieving parents must take matters into their own hands. Could it be the suspected Bruja, hungry for young blood, or is there a bigger secret among the townsfolk? Discover the truth in RIVER OF SIN by Kelly Williams and Chas! Pangburn.

ROOFSTOMPERS – by Alex Paknadel, Ian McEwan, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Far away from the pressures of being a surgeon in New York City, Cassie decides to take a solo hunting trip to Wyoming. There she is attacked and luckily rescued by a middle-aged couple living in an isolated cabin with their son. After weeks, she isn’t getting any better and she begins to question the couple’s motives and the strange nightly visits that they dismiss as the “Roofstompers.”

THE WALK – by Michael Moreci, Jesús Hervás, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou

Alice and her team of aquatic explorers are eager to study what lies beneath the Atlantic Ocean. Stationed at the Midnight Zone, 2000 meters below the surface; their supplies start to run out. In a dangerous expedition to survive, they must push through but soon realize that the ocean is more vast, dark, and mysterious than they could have ever imagined.


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