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About Us

About TKO Studios

Since 2018, TKO Presents has published some of the industry’s most critically acclaimed graphic novels by top creators. Recently, it also introduced illustrated novels by multiple New York Times bestsellers. With 9 Amazon #1 bestsellers and dozens of titles, TKO’s goal is to widen out the readership of comic books, as well as become the industry’s first vertically integrated studio by publishing books and shepherding those projects by producing and financing film and TV adaptations. Fans should look forward to more great titles from TKO as well as blockbuster film and TV projects based on our incredible library of books.


Co-Founder of TKO Studios


Sal Simeone is the author of Bram Stoker award nominee LONESOME DAYS, SAVAGE NIGHTS, an entrepreneur, professional driver in the IMSA/GTO and SCCA Trans Am auto racing series, publisher, producer and CEO of TKO Studios. Along with Tze Chun, Sal co-founded TKO Studios.

Co-Founder of TKO Studios


Tze (pronounced “Z”) Chun is a writer, director, producer, and visual artist based in Los Angeles, CA. Along with Salvatore Simeone, Chun co-founded TKO Studios to modernize the comic book industry, creatively and commercially.

Editor in Chief


Sebastian Girner German-born, American-raised writer, and editor of comics and graphic novels. For over a decade he has developed, produced and creatively guided best-selling and acclaimed comic fiction, for publishers.