25% OFF STOREWIDE - use code TURKEY25 at checkout! Free Shipping and sketchbook for orders over $50 in the U.S.

25% OFF STOREWIDE - use code TURKEY25 at checkout! Free Shipping + sketchbook on orders over $50 in the U.S.


Spotlight on: Blood Like Garnets

Today we’re giving you a deeper look into our new collection of spine-tingling horror short stories BLOOD LIKE GARNETS, now available! 

SYNOPSIS: A modern day witch can knit the dead back to life for a fearsome price. A lone predator embarks on a bloody hunt with a surprise twist. A carefree karaoke night with friends ends in blood, tears, and dark revelations. TKO’s first foray into prose contains 8 spine-tingling horror stories written by Leigh Harlen and features 8 illustrations by Maria Nguyen.

Says Harlen: “An illustrated collection has always been a dream of mine (and I've long been a fan of The Banks), so when I was approached by TKO for this project it was a pretty easy yes.”

“I've been writing short fiction, particularly horror, for a while, but an entire collection of originals is a whole different beast.” says Harlen. “When I saw Maria's art, I was absolutely blown away by just how perfect it captured the feelings of dread and wrongness I wanted to convey and for sure elevated every story."

Below you can see exclusive behind-the-scenes process art by Nguyen, and all her stunning illustrations and Harlen's terrifying tales are available to buy here!

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