Hi everyone! This is MP @ TKO, here to show you guys some of my favorite pages from our pulpy action adventure, THE FEARSOME DOCTOR FANG. I've put each page in context, described the action in hopes to give you a little insight into what drew my attention to them.

Issue 1

To start, I have to show off this iconic page where we are first introduced to the Fearsome Doctor Fang, where he confronts treasure hunter Alice Lecroix for stealing an ancient relic that contains a deadly power. The colors are so striking and the way Dan McDaid made Fang's first entrance so imposing really sets up the later plot points. I love how the snappy dialogue by Mike Weiss and Tze Chun sets the pace for the energetic and funny tone that shows up throughout this action adventure. Also, it's refreshing that our female protagonist, Alice, is the one to deliver the Indiana Jones style one-liners. 

Issue 2

Besides the great color pallet, I like this page because this is right where we start to see the not-so-friendly rivalry between Dr. Fang and our other main character, ex-SFPD officer Nayland Kelly. Fang, a seemingly all-powerful criminal mastermind, is always happy to remind Nayland that his brain is far superior to Nayland's brawn. Plus, the witty comebacks from both of our leading men only add to the pulpy nostalgia and creates an almost brotherly connection between them.

Issue 3

This is where we get our first glimpse into Alice's past as the daughter of a treasure hunter. I love Alice as a character because she is strong-willed, smart and is always thinking five steps ahead of her enemies. This page gives us background into her hard-headed exterior and insight into her motivations behind finding the hidden temple of Xanadu. Plus, I love the way the flashback is drawn. It's filled with little vignettes of Alice's memory with her father, and the way the layout of the page really takes you through the flow of Alice's mind. 

Issue 4

This page strikes me not only because of the great use of sound effects and colors by Dan McDaid and Daniela Miwa, but also because we see Alice taking the lead in bargaining for the lives of her friends. We also learn just how much our true villain, Mr. Church, is willing to do for total domination. Church represents a universal evil, and regardless of each character's background, they are all affected by Church's grabs for power in different ways. Having the heroes team up with the underdogs only makes you want to cheer them on more.

Issue 5

This page is one of my absolute favorites. It's truly a showstopper. The piles of gold, statues and treasure really jump out at you from the page, and you can see the true scope of the ancient vault at Xanadu. It's also a triumphant moment for Nayland, who normally only responsible for fighting our villain's minions. Plus, the page itself showcases Dr. Fang's noble intentions. Yes, there's treasure everywhere, but his only goal is to stop the more sinister and dangerous secrets of Kublai Khan from falling in the wrong hands. It's great to see Dr. Fang is cast in the light of a hero - a perfect way to subvert pulp stereotypes.

Issue 6

This page from the last issue of Dr. Fang sets the tone for the final battle with its moody color pallet. While Nayland is trusted to hold back enemy forces, Alice and Fang team up to finally put an end to Church's evil master plan. It's important to me that the ex-villain and a female treasure hunter are charged with saving the day. It's such a refreshing twist to the "boys club" of adventure comics. Alice and Fang are the only hope to stopping an evil mastermind, but you'll have to see the rest of that in the finale ;-)

Will Dr. Fang be able to stop the devastation in time? Will Alice help our heroes destroy the temple she and her father hoped to find for decades? And will Nayland be able to keep enemy forces at bay with his strength alone? Get the answers to all these questions and more by reading THE FEARSOME DOCTOR FANG. Click here to get your copy!

Thanks so much for reading and I'll be back soon with more of my favorites from TKO's lineup. Stay tuned! 

- MP @ TKO