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Scales & Scoundrels Definitive Edition Book 1: Where Dragons Wander


This is the story of a girl who liked to wander…

A gorgeous, multicultural fantasy adventure from writer Sebastian Girner (Tales of Terror) and artist Galaad (Wrassle Castle).

Follow treasure hunter Luvander as she searches for gold and glory. As she dives into an epic journey along with a young prince, his stern bodyguard, and a plucky young dwarf, our heroes will discover a secret that will bring light to a world encroached upon by an ancient darkness.


“Scales & Scoundrels is a book that gives us the permission to allow our joy to shine…”

“Scales & Scoundrels is a fun, beautiful fantasy adventure for all ages and the kind of book we need more of!”
-SKOTTIE YOUNG (I Hate Fairyland)

“This series has managed to deliver an old-school adventure tale full of heart, and you’ll be glad you tagged along for the ride.”

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