The Forgotten Blade title image



Tze Chun


Toni Fejzula


An enchantress recruits an amoral mercenary to save the souls of her children who were cursed by an inquisition in this action-packed fantasy epic. To do that, they must brave the Five Rivers, infiltrate the Citadel, and vanquish the most powerful adversary of all: the malevolent God who created this world in the first place.

From award-winning writer Tze Chun (The 7 Deadly Sins, Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai) and artist Toni Fejzula (Dead Inside) comes a bold new vision of the fantasy genre.

trade paperback graphic

trade paperback

  • - Single graphic novel
  • - Entire story arc
  • - Premium print size
  • - Archival paper

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