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Toni Fejzula

Toni Fejzula is a Barcelonese comic artist and illustrator.

He has worked on many comics and illustration projects for the European market, particularly in animation. He has drawn backgrounds for a number of Spanish animated series and movies such as El Cid The Legend (2003) and is the creator of the science-fiction album Central Zéro (Soleil Productions, 2003 with texts by Alex Nikolavitch).

For the American comic market, he has frequently collaborated with writers John Arcudi and Greg Rucka, on such series as Veil and Dead Inside. In addition to a Lobster Johnson a one-shot ("The Glass Mantis", with Mike Mignola and John Arcudi) he’s also a prolific cover artist, frequently doing variant covers for Rumble series, (John Arcudi, David Rubín and Dave Stewart for Image Comics) and the Cthulhu series (2010).

Recently he has collaborated on a short story with Brian Azzarello for the Shock anthology published by Aftershock and a 300-page graphic novel adaptation of the bestselling book Homeland, by Fernando Aramburu, for the Spanish publisher Planeta Cómics.

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