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Lonesome Days, Savage Nights: The Manning Files Vol. 2

Lonesome Days, Savage Nights: The Manning Files Vol. 2

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From Salvatore Simeone and Szymon Kudranski comes another gripping entry in the Lonesome Days, Savage Nights universe.

Stu Manning attempts to rebuild his life from the ruins of the fall of the Sala crime family and the loss of his love, Audrey. Keeping his thirst for booze, and his “roommate’s” thirst for blood in equal check, he’s back to wandering the asphalt canyons of Central City as a hard-luck private eye.

With the arrival of tech giant Rush Corp, run by billionaire upstart Wayland Rush, the city’s fortune seems to have changed for the better. But when people start disappearing and the bodies start piling up Manning, Detective Ritchie and rookie cop Stacy begin to investigate…and stumble upon a secret Rush would spare no expense, and no amount of blood, to keep in the shadows.

With his friends lives on the line, Manning is pushed to the edge. Will the Wolf prevail over Rush and ultimately consume what little is left of Manning in the process?

WRITER Salvatore Simeone
ARTIST Szymon Kudranski
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