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Sara Deluxe Hardcover

Sara Deluxe Hardcover

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Fight hard. Shoot straight. Don't let them take you alive.

From bestselling writer Garth Ennis (Preacher, The Punisher, The Boys) and artist Steve Epting (Velvet, Captain America), this deluxe hardcover edition features a new, die-cut cover, and an extensive back section filled with never-before seen script excerpts, concept art, character designs and more.

In the second terrible winter of the siege of Leningrad, seven women snipers find themselves caught up in the struggle against the German invaders.

Their deadliest shot is Sara, whose inner demons may yet prove her undoing - but with the enemy to their front and the agents of the Soviet state lurking in the shadows, how long can any squad survive the terrifying maelstrom of war?

WRITER Garth Ennis
ARTIST Steve Epting
COLORIST Elizabeth Breitweiser
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“One of the finest works of [Garth Ennis’] career.”

“A heartbreaking character study about what one woman will sacrifice in the name of her country.”

“It’s one of the best war stories that the comic book creator has put to paper.”

“This book is deeply real, incredibly absorbing, and one of the richest war stories I’ve ever read in the comic book format.”